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Xplicit Clan Game Night

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What is XCGN??

Xplicit Clan Game night is a weekly get-together for the clan. These nights will ensure that XC remains close as a gaming group and that we continue to progress in skill. The events will take place in the evening of available days.

What goes on on XCGN??

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XC will be given a night for clan-centered gameplay in Halo, COD or Mincraft. This night is one for unification. Argument starters and instigators will not be tolerated.

What will parties and gameplay be like on XCGN??


In the case of all (12+) members attending, parties will be split in two. If not, game-chat will be utilized.


XCGN now has alternating objectives for each night and will be held every week. The typical XCGN that is based on having fun is now be accompanied by a night that will be based on competition. We will have tournament-style gameplay between clan mates, consisting mainly of slayer with a small mix of objective game types as well, regarding Halo. This serves the purpose of evaluation and practice.

|| What happens if someone cannot attend XCGN?? Or if they want a reschedule? ||

Lack of attendance if fine. However this is only the case if the Clan Leader is notified. Reschedules are fine. All matters of date and time can be discussed on the "Discussions" page, XBL or Facebook. It is important that fellow members are given a heads up, which they can easily receive upon reading a given conversation.

Who can attend XCGN??

Clan members ONLY. The SOLE EXCEPTION belongs to ex-clan mates and those who are like clan mates to us. No randoms are allowed.

What happens if game night is ruined by a clanmate or ex-clanmate??

Anyone who deliberately ruins or adds to the disturbance of XCGN, will either lose respect points or will ruin whatever ties they still have to XC. I will only ask until you have clearly heard me. If I am ignored in the attempt to end any argument, I will penalize with the aforementioned penalization.

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